Why Should You Get Your Carpet Cleaned?

There are significant health benefits to maintaining clean carpets, especially in homes with young children. Homeowners must … Respiratory complications, like asthma, can be triggered by poor indoor air quality, which is why some homeowners notice improved health in their children following a thorough cleaning.


1. Elimination of pollution:

According to a report by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, dirty carpets are the breeding ground of indoor pollutants. Every day, the carpet gets dirty by the dust, countless particle pollutants, and cockroach allergens. Apart from these, toxic airborne gases get trapped in the carpet easily. Professionals use a particular carpet shampoo machine that can kill the bacteria. Even a highly powered vacuuming can remove the pollutants effectively.

2.  Mold prevention:

Mold is no less harmful than other sediments. It can cause respiratory problems like asthma. Mold generates airborne spores which can be inhaled easily. A dirty carpet is an ideal place for mold development. The chances of mold development are higher in the areas where humidity is high and your carpet is exposed to moisture. During the snowfall or rain, snow or raindrops can be trapped indoors causing moisture that can sink into carpeting if you do not clean the carpet regularly and keep it dry. If you maintain a regular carpet cleaning activity, you can prevent the mold development and mildew.

3. Dust mite prevention:

The microscopic dust mites can be called the “silent killer”. Generally, we do not notice these microscopic mites. These mites are body fragments and in an infested area, we inhale these particles that lead us to allergies. To combat with these mites, carpet cleaning professionals conduct steam cleaning, exposing the dust mites to a high temperature in which they cannot manage to survive.

4. Children health safety:

It is true that suspended sediment is harmful to every human being, but children are the worst victims of it. Generally, children spend long hours on the floor and you should not expect their immune system to be as robust as yours. Be it your home, or a childcare or pre-school, so far as the health of children are concerned, you need to call carpet cleaning professionals regularly to keep the children in a healthy state.”